Study Games

An enormous portion of one’s chess education is the study and analysis of a myraid of chess games — particularly those of historic value played by the best players throughout history.  A wealth of tactical and strategic expertise can be mined through this kind of study.

Additionally, the study and analysis of one’s own games is critically important if one wishes to improve.  It is important to study these games with an objective, open mind.  Ideally these studies should be undertaken with a coach or at least with another player of equal or greater skill.  The objective is to identify flaws in one’s play and to develop an action plan to address these flaws.

Finally, it is also important to study games (as much as possible) of the opponents one plays on a regular basis.  “Know your enemy” is an important axiom when playing chess.  “Intelligence gathering” sessions will also go a long way toward enhancing one’s proficiency as a serious chess player.

Having said all this,  provided here is a modest library of games for you to study for your education and enjoyment:

Classic Games

Much like a musician listening to accomplished artists that specialize in their instrument, there is much to be gleaned from famous games from the icons of yesteryear.  We have provided several of these gems so you may get a feel for how these checkmate artists of the past made history.

Tournament Games

This selection of games was culled from local tournaments run by and provide some well-played specimens by local and regional talents.   Among those represented are grandmasters, masters and experts from Connecticut and New York.

Your Games is pleased to provide this online analysis tool which allows you to upload your games in PGN format and replay them move-by-move efficiently and quickly.  PGN files may be obtained from many chess analysis programs, or can be entered into a text editor such as Notepad and saved with a .pgn extension and uploaded.  This tool is powered courtesy of Ingram-Braun.  

Serious players should consider purchasing software such as ChessBase which will not only help you analyze your games, but will allow you to create a database of all your games and provides powerful analysis tools.  Databases of professional chess players’ games are also included in this software.